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and view your Investment portfolio on your Smart Phone

One Click Access

Once you sign-in with your mobile number, you can access your Investment portfolio and related informations on your mobile screen. This application enables you to view your updated portfolio valuation at one click on the app icon. It is so simple that even a non-tech savvy person can also view his/her portfolio details on a click.

Market information and Research on a click

Once inside the App, the menu offers a lot of useful sections like NFO (New Fund Offers), Dividend Announcements, Market news etc. You can also compare various mutual funds in terms of their returns and performances. All these are available at a simple click on your mobile phone.

Smart Calculators

This mobile app has easy to use financial calculators for estimating the approximate investment requirement for various goals like Retirement calculator, Kids Marriage Planning Calculator etc.

Instant Alerts & Reminders

The inbuilt notification system provides you all types of alerts and reminders regarding your Investments and other important dates. Like maturity reminders, premium payment reminders etc. You can even set reminders for yourself through the client's panel on our website.