New Fund Offer (NFO)
Fund House: ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
Scheme Name: ICICI Prudential Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series XII - Plan C 1270 Days
Objective: The Scheme is a close ended Capital Protection Oriented Fund. The investment objective of the Scheme is to seek to protect capital by investing a portion of the portfolio in highest rated debt securities & money market instruments and also to provide capital appreciation by investing the balance in equity and equity related securities. The debt securities would mature on or before the maturity of the Scheme.
Scheme Type: Close Ended
Category: Income
Launch Date: 21.Sep.2017
Closure Date: 05.Oct.2017
Load: Entry Load Not Applicable.Exit Load: Being a listed scheme, no exit load will be applicable.
Offer Price (Rs):
Minimum Subscription Amount: 5000