Liquid Debt Equity Tax Saver Hybrid ETF
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Rank Scheme 1 M%  3 M% 6 M% 1 Y% 3 Y%
1 Quant High Yield Equity Fund Reg - IDCW.. 2.15 12.93 29.72 65.07 29.37
2 Bharat Bond FOF - April 2030 - Reg - Gr.. 1.22 2.37 4.69 7.69 6.25

Mutual Funds and securities investments are subject to market risks, please read the offer document carefully before investing. There is no assurances or guarantees that the objectives of the Scheme(s) will be achieved. As with any investment in securities, the NAV of the Units issued under the Scheme(s) can go up or down depending on the factors and forces affecting the capital markets. Past performance of the Sponsor/AMC/Mutual Fund is not indicative of the future performance of the Scheme.